I do this because...

I've been passionate about photography since 2013 when I purchased my first 'proper' camera.

Like many, Instagram introduced me to photographers such as 13thWitness and I wanted to take photos like them but knew I couldn't achieve this with my iPhone. 

Since buying my Canon 1200d back in 2013 I've been on a learning curve and as much as I am still inspired by so many photographers I've been able to craft my own style, specifically in Automotive.

History of the 'Mr'

So the ‘Mr’ was introduced out of necessity when buying my domain name 10+ years ago, as just danielknight.com wasn’t available (damn you Daniel!).

This domain (www.mrdanielknight.com) began life as a Rap blog as Rap music is something I am very passionate about. I ran my blog for 5+ years before moving on.